Welcome to Gulf Coast Broadband!

Since 2007, Gulf Coast Broadband has been proudly providing quality wireless internet service to the Bayou Region. From Four-Mile Bayou to Cypremort Point, we have offered service to areas that would otherwise be unable to connect to the internet at an affordable price, or at all.

These days, internet access has become an important part of most people's daily lives. Whether conducting business via email or video, or just simply enjoying quality time streaming movies with the family, almost everyone needs access. Even more notable, applications such as Netflix (media streaming), video chat, and a growing number of online video games require High-Speed Internet access. Also, these days most schools are connected online for homework assignments, learning resources, as well as parent/teacher communications. Slower DSL and costly cable just won't do!

Wireless technology allows us so many options for staying connected to others, whether they are friends and family or business associates. However, to be able to use these incredible communication tools YOU HAVE TO BE CONNECTED to the outside world.

High Speed Broadband Internet is a Must!

You can Facebook from your iPad, stream movies from Netflix, read a book on your Kindle, order products from your vendors. The World Wide Web is a virtual encyclopedia of solutions for almost all of your wants, needs or desires.

Gulf Coast Broadband also provides wireless internet telephone services (Voice over IP - VoIP). This allows for far cheaper service rates with the quality of digital telephone services just like cell phones we use today.