Bayou Telephone Company

Corporate Profile

Bayou Telephone Company is a CLEC serving the Bayou Telephone special service area. This is a specially designated area served exclusively by Bayou Telephone. Bayou Telephone's status has been upgraded to an Essential Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) by the Louisiana Public Service Commission due to being the exclusive carrier in the area.

Mission Statement

Bayou Telephone's mission is to provide quality voice, data and video solutions to the residents of the Bayou Telephone Special Service Area.


Bayou Telephone Company was founded in 1988 by Fred Marshall to serve the residents on Four Mile Bayou Road in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana which was an unserved area in AT&T's Morgan City Exchange. The original design called for copper wire to be buried along the roadside and connected to the camps and homes. Over the years the network fell into disrepair and became too big of a burden for one man to maintain. In September 2010, Bayou Telephone was acquired by the Meyer family of Morgan City, Louisiana. With the support of the Louisiana Public Service Commission upgrades have been gradually made to improve services to the area. In addition to improved telephone service, high speed internet is now available to residents.