Business Internet & Phone Services

Our business class services are designed with your business in mind. Super fast internet speeds allow you to expand the efficiency and reach of your business and our wireless point-to-point service allows you to bring technology to areas normally not reachable by standard wire-based networks.

And unlike standard wire-based systems, our wireless network supports symmetrical data transfer, meaning that data transfers are fast both coming in and going out.

Bundled with 2 or more phone lines
10Mb x 2Mb $ 99.95
20Mb x 4Mb $169.95
10Mb x 2Mb $134.95
20Mb x 4Mb $204.95

*availability based on location*

25Mb x 25Mb $219.95
50Mb x 50Mb $439.95
75Mb x 75Mb $659.95
100Mb x 100Mb $799.95
*More Bandwidth if you need it*

$49.95 1st Line
$29.95 each additional
$34.95 for FAX

Bayou Telephone offers phone services to handle all of your business needs.


1st Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling $49.95/month
Additional DID's $29.95/month
Local Number $6.95/month

All installations incur a $25.00 one-time fee.
Additional Fees

One time fee for porting existing number $35.00/month
Optional - inside wire maintenance agreement* $25.00/month

*Inside wire maintenance does not include adds, moves, changes or cabling. It does include routine maintenance and troubleshooting and repair.

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