Gulf Coast Broadband

Corporate Profile

Gulf Coast Broadband is a closely held corporation domiciled in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana providing leading edge communication services and solutions to consumers who are typically out of the reach of traditional communication companies. Through the use of advanced microwave technology we are able to serve rural residential and business customers as well as distant offshore facilities that are a part of the oilfield industry.

Gulf Coast Broadband's business solutions include high speed internet and digital voice services that provide far more than just access to the Web or making a call. Gulf Coast Broadband is a full service provider. Not only does Gulf Coast Broadband deliver the bandwidth necessary to carry out the design applications, we also provide network design and system building services. Building Virtual Private Networks allow for the development of powerful relationships between sensors, machines and power control which instantly creates critical analytics, event reporting and scheduling possibilities to manage your business.

Mission Statement

Gulf Coast Broadband's mission is to maximize the opportunities made available via the rapid growth of technology to qualitatively improve the lives and work of people by providing safe, cost-effective, and quality technical solutions satisfying our customer's needs.


Gulf Coast Broadband was originally conceived at the end of 2006 and installed its first customer in July 2007. The interceding months were spent researching the best options available to provide quality service. Research has become the central theme to Gulf Coast Broadband's business model, staying abreast of the rapidly changing communication/technology field. These exciting developments have provided opportunities for us to better serve you and to be able to introduce additional services and solutions.