Welcome to the GCB Help Desk

Technology allows us so many options for staying connected to others, whether they are friends and family or business associates. However, like all technologies, the Internet is a work in progress and is constantly growing and changing daily. Occasionally things don't work quite like we expect them to.

Gulf Coast Broadband wants to help you have the most enjoyable Internet experience possible. To that end, here you can find links and resources to help with the most common problems you may encounter. Like the Internet, these pages will also be a continuing work in progress regularly updated with new resources, how-to's, and general question and answer pages to help you get the most from your Internet service.

If you are experiencing difficulties that are not covered in this section, please use our Contact Form to email us your question or call (985)384-7040. Technical Support is available 24 hours every day.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We've put together a list of commonly asked questions about wireless internet. As a relatively new and developing technology, there are a lot of details that many people are not aware of.

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  • Basic Router Setup (Coming Soon)

    There are many different home routers available on the market for wirelessly connecting the various devices in your home today. Each brand has its own setup procedures and requirements. Here you will find links to setup pages for the most commonly used router brands today.

  • Email Configuration (Coming Soon)

    There are many different applications available for checking your email. Almost all of them use very similar settings.